Richard W Foust, AuD

2 Locations: Du Bois and Clearfield

About Us


At Dr. Richard W Foust, AuD in Dubois and Clearfield, our mission is to improve the lives of people with hearing loss  through better hearing. 

We provide comprehensive audiology and hearing care services  including complete audiological (hearing) evaluations, hearing loss  rehabilitation, and counseling for and adults. In order to meet your  individual hearing needs, we may refer you for medical treatment, if  indicated, or recommend hearing aids or other assistive listening  devices. We dispense a full selection of hearing aids, including the  latest cosmetically appealing styles and advanced digital models.

Our educated, experienced audiology staff is dedicated to  providing you with the highest quality of hearing care in a  personalized, caring environment. We are proud to serve the hearing  needs of our friends and neighbors in Clearfield and Dubois and  the surrounding communities. 

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Our Offices

Richard W Foust, AuD - DuBois

Audiologist in DuBois

900 Beaver Drive, DuBois, PA 15801

(Phone) 814-371-1085   (Fax) 814-371-6940

Richard W Foust, AuD - Clearfield

Audiologist in Clearfield

216 N 2nd Street, Clearfield, PA 16830

(Phone) 814-765-8284 (Fax) 814-290-6747